Passionate Friends

Since the Eighties Passionate Friends have produced some fine music and made some memorable appearances.

Following the passing of the band’s drummer Davie Halley the band got back together to play a gig at the Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow on 13/04/18. You can read about the gig here.

Although replacing Davie was always going to be difficult for the band, they got in touch with a lifelong friend and drummer Desi Osborne.

Desie has now joined the remainder of the band which currently consists of John, Malky, Allan, Tam and Desie

passionate friends_Desi-Solo-framed
Desi Drum Solo Hard Rock Cafe 13/04/18
passionate friends_Band2
John, Allan & Tam Hard Rock Cafe 13/04/18

The band have added more music to the digital download sites including Spotify, Itunes and Amazon Music. The 2 songs White Boys (making white noise) and End in Tears were recorded back in 1983 under the guidance of legendary producer Jimmy Douglass.

Further gigs will follow



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